2015 Pinot Grigio



Product Description

This Mutation of the Pinot Noir Grape hardly knows if it is a light or dark grape. The grape skins can be anything from grayish blue to brownish pink; sometimes they look closer to black, sometimes white.

The wine produced from Pinot Grigio is usually a notably straw-colored white, but in Italy it is sometimes a delicate pink. Even though Pinot Grigio is known as a wine which lacks aroma, we have carefully vinified the grapes to give us a wonderful floral bouquet. Many Pinot Grigio grapes are picked early to prevent a loss of acidity; however by doing this you will make wine that lacks character. The timing has to be right. This Pinot Grigio reflects a style reminiscent of Friuli, great acidity, solid minerality with hints of Litchi, Tart Apple and Lemons.


Food Pairings: White Cheeses, Pasta Salad, Shell Fish & Carbonara

100% Pinot Grigio

ALC. 13.5%

Region:  Fairplay AVA

Retail Price: $16.00


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